WoowUp is a SaaS marketing platform that lets you create your own Loyalty Program using your Facebook page, your
e-commerce or your own site.

We help companies like yours

Competitive Differentiation

Your customers can buy anyware. Give them an extra benefit for buying to you: Points and rewards! Earn long term customers relations.

Points and rewards.

WoowUp automates your loyalty program by adding to your web, e-commerce site and Facebook page the ability of giving points for each time your customers buys and participates into your Facebook page.
Also, our platform let you manage your own rewards catalog so in a easy way your customers can redeem their points for benefits. Activate the first sale with this differentiation promese. Then catch the customer offering points for every purchase.


Activate sales by using your own Gift Cards

Direct those sales to your e-commerce in a simple way. Your prospects are constantly on Facebook. Let them play with your brand, answer trivias and games in a funny way, so they can win points for that. Then, the magic key: Give them a $$ Gift Card as a reward! If they win money to use in your store, be sure that they will spend it! Not only that, they will become familiar with your store, experience the buying process, and more. We can say that you earned a new customer!


Create a social segmented database and send personalized offers to your customers and prospects

You can find out what they like, what products they use and much more!

You can find out what they like, what products they use and much more!

You posted picture of your products on your Facebook Page and your fans liked them or commented? Survey respondents, multiple choice, feedback, questions? Everything a participant does is automatically pasted into your new Social Database. So now, you know what you have to offer to each person: just create segments and send emails or publish custom audiences Facebook ads with the right product to the right guy. Also you can offer them points as a discount or offer “You like this product, use your 100 points as a USD10 off for buying it”.


Increase your Facebook Engagement

Pull your fans into your loyalty program with a small Budget. Viral posts will help you contact yours customers friends and get new clients!.

What could be better for your fans that earning points not only for buying, also for participate in Facebook. In this way, we are rewarding our customers not only for buying, also for being Brand ambassadors. For each content, trivia, question or multiple-choice they answer into your Facebook page they win points and also automatically a post is published on his profile, letting his friends see our content and the awards they win too!


You can measure all.
Measure the program effectiveness at any time.

At a glance you can know precisely the effectiveness of the program. Know how many new participants joined week over week, how many points you’ve delivered, how many coupons have been redeemed and even how much you’ve invoiced every month through your loyalty program. Do you want to know which are your top custumers? Life Time Value or the average spending of your customers per month? Average ticket? Your top selling products? Use this insightfull information to analyze the behaviour of your customers, think new stategies and boost your business!.


Integrate it with the systems you use

Sales platforms or CRM platforms are our partners. Or use our API with your own systems.

WoowUp has connectors for key sales platforms, CRM and email marketing as Magento, VTEX or HubSpot. In addition, the open programming API lets you create new connectors for the software you use or with your own sales system.

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